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Community Integration Specialist

Location: Birmingham, AL
Travel: Travel required, within a forty-mile radius from Birmingham
Minimum Qualifications:  BA/BS in Human Services Field
Preferred:  At least one year experience working with Autism.

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  • Attends Staff Meetings/Support Team Meetings and meetings with the Director of Services and/or Executive Director as needed.
  • Is Punctual for Scheduled meetings, including home visits, meetings among staff, or meetings representing the organization.
  • Understands and abides by the organizational Policies and Procedures and code of ethics.
  • Treats other staff and independent contractors with respect.
  • Treats individuals receiving services and their families with respect.
  • Adheres to consumer confidentiality by not discussing information with anyone other than the individual’s treatment team, or an individual to whom Triumph has a release to share information.
  • Provides feedback to the Support Team and at Staff Meetings on each participant served.
  • Returns phone calls/emails to individuals served in Triumph.

Service Delivery

  • Schedules times to complete the services agreed upon in the service agreement or contracts/grant requirements.
  • Attends all scheduled visits with individuals receiving services, unless an emergency arises, at which time the Director of Services is notified of the emergency. The Specialist will then ask the consumer if he/she would like to reschedule the visit.
  • Supports individuals in understanding their needs and developing independent living, social skills or vocational goals either through the Person-Centered Planning Process or through other means.
  • Accompanies individuals on appointments to serve as an advocate, assist the individual in asking questions, or simply to provide support and security for the individual.
  • Provides support to programs as assigned by the Director of Services by following established plan of care.
  • Understands scope of services and follows guidelines set forth by contracting entities.


  • Completes a progress note for each participant seen, in a legible form, and using black or blue ink.
  • Submits progress notes to the Director of Services at the determined date and time.
  • Completes bimonthly mileage reimbursement and submits to the Director of Services at the time determined.


  • Contacts Director of Services first then Executive Director if an individual in Triumph is in crisis.
  • Returns phone calls/emails to family members/other support persons or notifies the Director of Services if unable to make this contact.


  • Schedules and attends at least one conference/workshop each year related to the field of developmental disabilities, life coaching, etc.
  • Completes other job responsibilities as assigned.

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