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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Triumph Services different from other agencies?

Triumph Staff Members empower individuals to determine the direction of their lives. This unique approach allows them to drive their treatment and future successes. We offer a Support Team consisting of the individual, Licensed Therapists, Life Coaches, Job Coaches, and others chosen by the individual. This Team assists in developing strategies that will help each person become fully integrated into the community.

Why should I move my adult child to Birmingham to work with Triumph?

Triumph works with many individuals whose families live in other cities, states, or even countries. These individuals oftentimes gain a greater sense of independence because they are learning to trust themselves to make decisions and to lean on their friends and support system when faced with a difficult situation. Though it may seem scary to live away from your son or daughter, this distance can empower your adult child to achieve independence.

What kind of disabilities do the individuals receiving services from Triumph have?

Triumph works with individuals who have a variety of disabilities. Some individuals may struggle with a learning disability; others may have a rare genetic condition that affects their cognitive abilities. Though the demographics may differ, the challenges tend to be the same – the need for independence, for a meaningful job, and for friends.

Why does Triumph Services, Inc., charge fees?

Triumph is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that is not affiliated with any other organizations, such as a University, Hospital, or large Mental Health Center. Triumph’s independence from other organizations allows us to maintain our core values and philosophy and to concentrate 100% of our efforts on supporting individuals in meeting their goals. Triumph does not receive any funding from state or federal programs such as the Department of Mental Health or the Medicaid Waiver. In fact, Triumph is reaching out to a group that does not typically qualify for this funding and who have been historically underserved.

Because Triumph is operating independently and not receiving funding from government entities, we rely on fees for our services as well as donations and grants to continue providing quality services. The fee schedule was developed based on the market value of the services both for typical individuals and for individuals who have developmental disabilities. Triumph relies on fundraising efforts, donations, and grants to provide scholarships to individuals who have demonstrated a need for financial assistance.

Can insurance cover the fees that Triumph Services, Inc., charges?

Insurance does not typically cover the fees for life coaching, employment, and social activities. Please check with us to find out if your insurance will cover the cost of individual therapy. We also work with UCP of Greater Birmingham and the Shelby County Arc to provide employment placement services for individuals who have been referred through the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.

How do I know if my son/daughter is ready to live independently?

You may not know for certain if your adult child is ready to live independently until you give him/her the opportunity to try. One young woman receiving support through Triumph stated her desires clearly, “The one thing that I wish my Dad would have done was to let me make mistakes.”

Triumph provides the skills necessary to make good choices and the support needed when an individual does not make a good choice. We have seen the most success from individuals who have demonstrated the desire to live independently and who are motivated to meet their goals.

What if my son/daughter needs help after regular business hours?

Triumph does not provide 24 hour crisis intervention. In a continuous effort to foster independence, our Life Coaches and Therapists work with each individual to develop an emergency plan that will work for him/her. This plan may include friends and neighbors, family, the Crisis Center, and/or Emergency Personnel.

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professional who works with an individual to develop goals and begin making specific changes to meet these goals. This process focuses on where the person is now, where he/she would like to be in the future, and what he/she is willing to do to get there. The Life Coach partners with the individual to develop these goals and generate strategies to meet the goals. The Life Coach then holds the individual accountable for the strategies he/she chooses.

How does Individual Therapy help?

We have found that independent living is not just about achieving job and life functioning skills but also addressing emotional struggles. Often when an individual becomes emotionally healthier, we see tremendous improvement in all other areas of their lives. This holistic approach is the foundation of our program.

Individual counseling allows a focus on all areas the individual might be struggling with including family of origin issues, relationship struggles, trauma, and abuse, along with the presenting disability; as well as recognizing the strengths that particular individuals have to develop a concrete specific plan tailored to their individual needs.

How long will it take to find my son/daughter a job?

Triumph’s customized employment program is different from other organizations because we spend a great deal of time getting to know each individual and understanding his/her interests, gifts, and strengths. We then secure a job placement that will be an ideal fit for the individual. This approach has resulted in a job retention rate of 93%. In addition, Triumph partners will more than 100 employers in the Birmingham area to increase the job opportunities for individuals. The amount of time it takes to secure a job is based on the job market, the interests of the individual, and the level of motivation.

Can I join the monthly social group without receiving any other services?

Yes. We like to refer to our services as an a la carte menu. You may pick and choose the services you need following our initial assessment and determination that Triumph is the appropriate fit for your needs.

Can we use Triumph Services, Inc., if our son/daughter is living at home?

Yes. Our admission criteria states that the individual either must be living independently or have the goal to live independently.

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