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Live Work Play

Triumph Services provides a holistic approach to support people who have developmental disabilities. The Individual is in the center as the expert on his/her dreams and goals. The LIVE program provides independent living skills. The WORK program provides competitive employment and purpose in life. The PLAY program provides community integration and healthy relationships. The THERAPY program addresses depression and anxiety and builds self-esteem.


The “Live” Service consists of regularly scheduled home visits with a Life Coach. During these visits, the Life Coach will assist the individual in developing their own personal goals for their life. The life coach will then assist the individual in determining how well their actions are moving them towards meeting these goals. The Life Coach may also assist the individual in the following activities, or other areas where the individual may have a need.

  • Home Maintenance
  • Checkbook balancing coaching
  • Medication coaching
  • Household Organization
  • Paperwork Organization
  • Healthcare Coaching
  • Meal Planning
  • Grocery shopping assistance
  • Developing a Schedule / Using a Daily Planner
  • Personal hygiene

Individuals may also have access to a Life Coach at any time Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM at the Triumph Office, located at 2151 Highland Ave. S., Suite 120, Birmingham, AL 35205. We recommend that the individual call before coming to the office to ensure that the Life Coach may give the individual his/her undivided attention.


The “work” service consists of Assessment, Job Development, Job Coaching, and Long-term Support. The “work” service is 100% funded through the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services. In order to get a referral to Triumph for this service, please contact your ADRS Counselor or call (205) 290-4400 to have a new case opened.

Individuals requesting the “work” service may receive:

I. Assessment
Completed within 60 days of receiving the referral. Upon completion, individual will receive a resume and a Career Assessment Report, which includes:

  • Results of Interest Inventory,
  • Observations in a work setting;
  • Identified Strengths, Gifts, Skills;
  • Ideal Jobs for Individual, Jobs that would not be good for individual,
  • Accommodations needed for employment,
  • Environmental factors for employment,
  • Recommendations

II. Job Development
Begins after assessment and includes the following:

  • Identifying potential employers, setting up meetings and interviews
  • Assistance in completing job applications
  • Interview practice, role play, preparation for interview
  • Assist individual in asking questions during interview
  • Assist individual in answering employers’ questions
  • Assist individual in establishing work schedule
  • Discuss necessary accommodations and how to best put into place
  • Prepare for work (clothing, transportation, etc).

III. Job Coaching
Begins after individual is offered a job and includes the following:

  • Assisting in learning the job skills on the job,
  • One-on-one direct support to individual,
  • Praise and constructive feedback,
  • Assistance in securing accommodations,
  • Employer education,
  • Developing relationships at work,
  • Handling confrontation at work,
  • Completing necessary paperwork,
  • Serving as advocate,
  • Problem SolvingIII. Job Coaching

IV. Closure
When a person has worked independently for a 90 day period, the person is considered “rehabilitated” by Alabama Department of Rehabilitation. Thereafter, Triumph staff will continue to serve as liaison for individual and employer by checking on the individual in person and by phone/email at a frequency determined by individual, employer, and job coach. This long-term support is not funded through ADRS. The cost for the long-term support service is $50 per month. At the time of the closure, each participant will determine with the Director of Services, if he/she is able to contribute to the cost of this service.


The PLAY service supports Triumph participants to acquire and maintain meaningful relationships and pursue new friendships. Triumph Participants obtain the strong social skills and confidence necessary to actively take part in social activities. There are three different ways:

I. Group Social Activities:

The group social activities for the “Play” service consist of monthly calendars which are mailed to individuals electing to participate in the service. These calendars detail local social events, and special weekly events that Triumph sponsors. These Triumph – sponsored events range from dining at a local restaurant to attending activities such as bowling, ball games, picnics, museums, and other activities that individuals may suggest (as long as they are appropriate for the group). At least two Triumph staff members attend each sponsored event.

II. Individualized Social With Participants includes:
Individual assessment which includes the following:

  • Completion of interest inventory
  • Assistance in identifying goals geared towards improvement of social skills and increased social interactions

Development and Expansion of Social Skills with emphasis on:

  • Role Playing
  • Appropriate social greetings and conversation
  • Hobby Development

Assisting and empowering the participant to initiate structured experiences with one or more individuals and participate in community activities by:

  • Developing confidence in social settings
  • Providing further support in coordinating subsequent social activities moving towards establishing relationships and initiating non-structured social activities

III. Individualized Support in the Community consists of:
The staff position of Community Integration Specialist will assist Triumph participants by:

  • Expanding community resources
  • Understanding health options
  • Building social support networks within the community

The Community Integration Specialist will also allow Triumph to build new partnerships with local organizations and identify potential resources for participants and their families.

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