Changing Lives in the Community

Triumph Services is now offering School and Community Based Pre-Employment Transition Services on an individual and/or group basis.

Each student will be evaluated and an individualized plan developed to prepare for post high school plans, either in the work force or in a college setting. The following areas will be addressed:

Career Assessment: $200 per student/Code P010100. This would include mock interviews, resume development, interest inventories, and assessments to gauge skill-set and potential barriers to employment.

  • Personal/Voc Adjustment Training: $75 per contact/Code P040200. Includes stress management, coping skills and self-advocacy/communication techniques, problem solving.
  • Social Skills Training: $75 per contact/Code P040201. Includes interpersonal skill acquisition, understanding boundaries, hygiene, social media networking/etiquette.
  • Specialized Training: $75 per contact/Code P040320. Transportation 101, financial literacy, personal hygiene and time management.
  • College Preparation: $75 per contact/Code P030200. Includes Accommodations 101, time management, organization, disclosure, assistive technology, parent education session and independent living/roommate rules.
  • Special Service-College Prep One Week Program: $750 per week/Code P030200. A one week college preparation course designed to offer an in-depth look at the tools and strategies needed to prepare successfully for college. Course will be held at the Triumph office, Monday-Friday from 8:30-4:30 and offered one week in the summer beginning in 2017. Includes one evening parent education session during the week.
  • Workplace/College Tour: $75 per student group/Code P030100. Includes campus tours, job tours, and community integration.
  • Driving Training: $250 for permit training.
  • Job Exploration Services: $75 per contact/Code P010000. Includes job search and application techniques, volunteer/internship exploration, meet your VR counselor, job tries, one stop career center tours.
  • Workplace Readiness Services: $75 per contact/Code P040000. Includes job tours, mock interviews, social skills related to communicating, and workplace etiquette.
  • Job Readiness Training Services: $75 per contact/Code P040400. Assessment of transportation needs, time management, inventories to include life skills and emotional health assessment.
  • For more information, please contact Melanie Bald at 205-224-4873 or