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December 2015


Dear Friends of Triumph,


I graduated from high school in May. I have never had a job. I currently live with my parents and my two-year old daughter, Niya. I first started working with a job coach at Triumph. My job coach, helped me prepare for interviews and with applications. She kept telling me, “Don’t get discouraged. Keep your head up.” Before I knew it, I landed my first job. My job coach had confidence in me and gave me the tools to apply my skills to the right job. I am now a hostess at a new restaurant in Birmingham called Hickory Tavern. I love the fast-paced environment and love meeting every customer that walks through the door.

Now that I have a job, I want to live in my own apartment. I want to have space for my daughter to run around and have a space we can call our own. With help from my life coach, I am in the process of filling out paperwork for an apartment. I hope to move in by the New Year. The apartment I really want even provides childcare.

I have to thank my support team at Triumph for my newfound independence. Please support Triumph because they have given me peace of mind. I know that

Niya and I will beable to live on our own and I will be able to provide for her.

Thank you for supporting Triumph. There are other individuals like me that can benefit from the services they provide. I know in the future, Triumph will be there to help me with my next step, going to college and becoming a Medical Assistant.


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