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A Whole New World

If you are around me enough you quickly learn that I like to laugh, have a song for everything, and love Disney. As I reflect back on my month and a half of being a part of Triumph as a life coach I just keep singing “A Whole New World’ from Aladdin in my head. I know it sounds silly, but that is truly how I feel about Triumph. Triumph has taught me so much in just 45 days, all encompassed by me learning a whole new language, being immersed in a whole new atmosphere, and developing a whole new mindset.

A Whole New Language:

During my first few days at Triumph I quickly came to realize that everyone uses a different terminology. Everyone’s language here is positive and uplifting. The terms that Triumph staff uses, especially when referring to anyone a part of Triumph, comes from their love and respect for each participant. This was entirely new for me in the work place, but as I continue to be around it, it is making such a difference in how I work and how I talk.

A Whole New Atmosphere:

Something else I quickly learned in my first month is that the Triumph staff truly is a family. I have never experienced a closer knit loving group of co-workers before working here. There is such a rich level of respect and genuinely. During my other jobs I was often on my own and had no support. Here there is so much support and everyone wants to help each other out, no matter if it’s their field or not. The communication between everyone here honestly blew me away. I am an over communicator, thanks mom, and had constantly been discouraged by it. Here at Triumph they encourage it, and everyone’s doors are always open for any reason. The open atmosphere is something I have some to love and truly cherish here.

A Whole New Mindset

Finally, and what I believe to be the biggest lesson Triumph has taught me so far is how you think about this population of adults with developmental disabilities. This population does not have disabilities, but rather different abilities that Triumph helps grow and develop. There are so many success stories of participants who live independently and who have community. Here at Triumph it is wonderful to see everyone celebrate when a participant gets a job, or when it’s someone’s birthday and we all sing and pull out the clapper. The participants and staff have true relationships, and Triumph genuinely wants all the participants to achieve independence because they care.

This “Whole New World” that I am graciously a part of is something spectacular and I am looking forward to continuing to learn all it has to teach me!

-Mary Rhea, Life Coach at Triumph Services

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