Patricia: Birmingham’s Most Fascinating Woman

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Everyone needs a friend like Patricia in their life. Her smile lights up a room. What sets Patricia apart is her diverse interests. She’s a historian, graduated from UAB with a degree in History, and an avid bird watcher…and pet owner. She’s the proud “bird mom” to Aronia and Persephone. Patricia is also a published author and artist.



Patricia has always been a creative person. Along with a lifelong love of art, Patricia is the author of several books. Her most recent work is about her life as a young woman growing up with Aspergers, titled “Chronicles of an Aspie”.

No topic is taboo with Patricia. If you get the chance to hang out with her, she’ll definitely tell you the origin of your name and then invite you to join her in a deep discussion of politics or religion. Make sure to ask Patricia about her travels. Do you now anyone who has stayed in a hostel? You do now. She has traveled across the globe and will dazzle you with her knowledge about different cultures…..actually, you’ll be dazzled after any time with Patricia. She’s fascinating.








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