Triumph Service’s Job Exploration Training Summer Program

Triumph’s JET Summer Program partners with students with disabilities attending high school to help them be better prepared to enter the workforce, assist in exploring a variety of jobs in real world settings, and have paid work in their communities.

Eligibility: High school students who are receiving special education services, have an IEP, or have a disability for the purposes of section 504, and have the desire to work independently. Students must have transportation to and from the program for the duration of the program. Triumph is unable to provide skilled nursing,
of medication, feeding or toileting assistance. Students must meet Triumph Services screening process.

Services: Students in the Triumph Summer Program will be provided training in the following:

 Work Ethics
 Job Exploration
 Employment Tours
 Public Transportation Training
 Career Assessment
 Budgeting Training

 Social Skills Training
 Group Decision Making Training
 Mock Interviews
 Community Integration Training
 Resume Preparation
 Self-Advocacy Training

Students will also be provided a Paid Work Experience. Each PWE will be arranged based around the students’ interest and skill set. Students will complete 40 hours of paid work within the 4-week session and will be compensated minimum wage for their work. Students will receive a $10 a day stipend for lunch. Ross Bridge Resort and the Birmingham Baron’s are two confirmed work sites for this Summer’s program.

Past Partners have included; Glenwood, Red Barn, Trinity, Samford, BBVA, United Way, Humane Society, Red Barn, Aloft, The Birmingham Zoo, Creative Montessori, The Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Red Mountain Park, and Mitchell’s Place

Duration: Triumph will hold 2 sessions of the 4 week Summer Program in Summer 2018, Monday- Friday, 8:30am-1:30pm

Session 1: June 4- June 29*
Session 2: July 9- August 3*

* A week prior to each session, Triumph will offer a parent orientation

CONTACT: or 205-540-4632

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