Celebrating Robert

 In Profiles

I have known Robert for quite some time now.  I asked him if he would mind being the subject of this blog – Robert was happy to share.

I wanted to celebrate Robert because there is a chance he could be overlooked…Robert can be shy and soft spoken.  He excels in his job as an Inventory Specialist, but this job does not really highlight Robert’s gifts or express who he is.

Robert has an amazing, dry sense of humor.  This doesn’t come as a surprise considering Robert’s intelligence.  Robert’s eyes light up when he says something sarcastic or witty, waiting to see if his audience caught on.

I adore Robert.


Robert’s gifts lie in photography and writing – he has a creative mind.  Robert says that his friends describe him as a “walking encyclopedia.”  I would describe Robert as a hidden treasure, waiting to be discovered.

Thank you for taking the time to see Robert for the unique and amazing man that he is.  Be sure to check out his photography – I have a few pieces in my office.


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