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Montgomery Junior Board President, Megan-Rhea Lewis.

Megan-Rhea Lewis is a Triumph Champion serving as President of our Montgomery Junior Board. She is passionate about the Mission and Vision of Triumph Services and is a tireless advocate promoting acceptance and inclusion for those with cognitive disabilities. We thank Megan-Rhea for her work in Montgomery and look forward to all the great things she and her board will accomplish. Check out our great interview with Megan-Rhea below.

What drew you to Triumph and ultimately serving as President of our Junior Board?
M-R: Two of my best friends were serving on the Triumph Junior Board and they knew that Triumph’s mission and focus were closely aligned with what I want to see happen in our community. They invited me to join them for a meeting and I haven’t stopped coming since! I’ve been on the Junior Board for a little over a year. Advocacy is something that I care deeply about. In particular, advocacy that betters our community and helps to educate the public about the needs of those with disabilities in our community.

What are you most proud of that the Junior Board has accomplished?
M-R: Two things have stood out over the last year. The first being our fundraiser last winter where we raised over a thousand dollars for Triumph and were able to educate the public about Triumph and our mission. The second being our participation in the Capitol City Chili Cook-off in the fall- not only did we participate AND educate those who visited our booth, but we also won the People’s Choice prize for our chili! This allowed us to get Triumph’s name out and bring positive attention to the organization.

What have you gained/learned by serving on the Junior Board?
M-R: Getting to meet our participants and hear their stories about how Triumph has changed their lives for the better is the biggest gain for me. It fuels me to advocate harder! I’ve also learned exponentially more about Developmental Disabilities through my time with Triumph. Because of this, I’m a stronger advocate and I now work even harder to tear down stereotypes. Our participants deserve a community that recognizes their contributions and abilities.

If Triumph were not in the Montgomery region, what would the community look like?
M-R: There would be a number of businesses missing out on some exceptional employees. Also, we would have families who would be struggling to get their loved ones the assistance they need. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about the what ifs of Triumph not being here, we are here and the Junior Board will work to make sure that doesn’t change.

What great things does the Junior Board have in store for the Montgomery region the rest of the year?
M-R: We are planning a family day in the fall and some great social events geared towards growing the Junior Board and educating the public about what we offer to our participants.

Would you recommend someone joining the Junior Board? If so, how can they do this?
M-R: Absolutely! I would recommend that people join us for a meeting. You can join a number of ways, but the best way is to call our local office in Montgomery at 205-868-3012, find out when and where out next meeting will be, then show up and see what we are all about. Our meetings are fun and informative!

Megan-Rhea Lewis grew up in Dothan, Alabama on a small family farm. She graduated from Huntingdon College and works and lives in Montgomery.

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