Sean’s Journey

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Around this time of year, we all reflect on our lives, the paths we are on, and what opportunities have come our way. In school, we learned about the Pilgrims’ journey to the New World. They took a leap of faith and embarked into unfamiliar territory. At Triumph, all participants are on their own journey. Not one is the same. One journey in particular inspired this Thanksgiving themed post.

In 2011, Sean came to Triumph. With the help of Triumph’s Employment Team, Sean began working at two different jobs. Why two? Because Sean has always been self sufficient. He knew with two jobs, he could live comfortably and independently.

In early 2015, an opportunity came Sean’s way. A full time job involving a passion of Sean’s, mapping. However, the opportunity was an hour away and Sean would have to relocate. He was at a crossroads. Sean had established a life here in Birmingham and he was heavily involved with his church.

MeCCSean ultimately accepted the new job and relocated to Jacksonville. He has recently found a new church that he loves. Sean is glad he took the chance for a new journey. Like Sean, the Pilgrims set out on a journey into unfamiliar territory. Lucky for Sean, he had a full team of support at Triumph to see him through the rough waters.

Sean thanks everyone at Triumph that helped him achieve this new path in life. He writes, “Since 2011, Triumph has helped me navigate my social pitfalls for working in social environments in a world that has little to no tolerance for those who are different. They’ve helped me obtain then maintain quality employment”.


As you sit down at your Thanksgiving table today, take an opportunity to look back on your own journey. What journeys are you going to take?


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