I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership

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Roz for BlogIt was a quiet afternoon in 2007 when a young woman walked into my school and introduced herself as Brooke from Triumph Services. She spoke passionately about the mission of this young organization and the need for adults with developmental disabilities to live independently. She had a young woman in mind who would be an asset to the school and deserving of a chance to prove herself. The resume was complete and quite attractive. Brooke explained how the organization supported participants and the employers. As an educator, the process was quite compelling. I wholeheartedly agreed to an interview and the young lady was hired. I am pleased the partnership between Triumph and Creative Montessori School is ongoing.

I retired in 2014 and after a short hiatus discovered I was not ready for the rocking chair. I looked around for a place where I could feel productive and perhaps in some small way make a difference. After researching jobs, I was pleasantly surprised to discover there was an office position open at Triumph Services. I sent a tentative e-mail and received a positive response. Shortly, I joined the staff at Triumph. This new chapter in my life is everything I could have hoped for. The staff are passionate; the participants deserving; and the mission has not changed. I am proud to say that the partnership that began in 2007 continues today.

Roz Butts, “The Roz”

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