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mitchellHello, my name is Charles Mitchell Lord, and this is my blog post. I am honored that Triumph Services gave me this opportunity. While I do so, however, it makes me wonder what to discuss. Now, my first idea is to give a bit of an intro post, explain who I am, explain what I plan to do, and all.

But that’s no fun. We’ll save that for Post #2. Instead, I want to get right into the thick of things. Namely…what does someone who’s Autistic, think Autism is. Well, first off…it’s a mental disorder. Now, calling it a ‘disorder’ might not seem very PC…but, let’s be clear. Autism means part of my brain, quite frankly, doesn’t work. Now, it comes with advantages…but there are disadvantages as well. And, compared to baseline…I don’t ‘do’ things people take for granted. So, disorder is best. Plus, any OTHER word to be used…well, it would be awkward.

Autism means, I have certain elements of my personality that fit a ‘mold’. Not all people with Autism have all those elements, but they all have at least some of them. In my case, it’s an inability to read social cues, an incredible focus on certain topics, a focus on ‘rules’ above all else and a few other, more minor, things.

However, that’s just a dictionary meaning. What’s it LIKE. Well, it’s been portrayed in the media, most famously by Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. But, well…he’s not the best portrayal. Quite frankly? He’s a jerk. And, most autistic people aren’t jerks. And, WHY he’s a jerk, is simple. The people who write him have no idea what an autistic person is actually LIKE. Now, there are other examples from media, but they’re more niche. My favorite, personally, is Abed from Community. But even he is an exageration.

There’s got to be someone who, if he doesn’t get things right, gets the THEME right. Someone who just instantly gives you a perfect mental image. Someone famous. Someone everyone knows. Someone who can…


THAT IS WHAT AUTISM IS LIKE! Mork from Ork, thank you very much. NANU NANU!

Someone who’s autistic, is kind, caring, friendly, funny, and happy-go-lucky. On their home planet. But now that they’re on Earth…they’re confused. Things don’t go the way they should. So, they’re unable to cope. They have all these behaviors they know, and none of them seem to match up. They’re square pegs, stuck in a round hole.

That’s what it’s like being Autistic. It’s like being on, not just a foreign country, but a foreign PLANET, with nobody else who QUITE understands you. But, as long as someone with autism never loses their inner spark, and has someone who treats them kindly, and gives them a chance? They’ll turn out to be someone you’d love to hang out with, and a loyal, true friend.

Well, usually. Every planet has a couple of jerks. (That’s why they sent Mork to us!).

Dedicated to Robin Williams: He’s up there making God laugh.

-Mitchell Lord,

Triumph Participant

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