What is Autism? Part Two By Mitchell

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Hi everybody. I know it’s been a while, but College kinda intervened. Anyway, here is my next blog post. When we last left off, I was busy back in  my hometown, in an apartment. And, well..

Absolutely nothing happened for six months! No, seriously. It’s kinda embarrassing, actually. See, I went to all that trouble to get my freedom, and now that I was in Mobile…the same thing came up. I couldn’t actually FIND a job. Now, however, I was able to more comfortably look.

See, there’s a little thing they can’t teach you in college, or at least didn’t teach me back at Mercer. They teach you a lot of knowledge, they teach you self respect, they teach you how to be a mature adult…they even teach the work ethic you’ll need when you get IN the job. But, they don’t actually have a course on how to handle going from ‘job search’ to a ‘job’. This isn’t just a matter of ‘sending in resumes’. Which, is the only advice you get. This is a matter of finding a job in the career you want, with an opening. It did not help that, well…I didn’t know WHERE to look. I was just told “Get a job” with no real direction. Most of the areas I was directed to, were by someone who hasn’t had to job-search in decades. My requests for help, were, sadly, ignored.

Thing is? I didn’t mind nearly as much as I used to. I had a safe place, to be where I wanted, and I had an allowance. So, I felt like, even if I couldn’t make progress, I could at least be comfortable. I…actually got one job offer. From Wal-Mart, actually. They said no.

Yeah. Not exactly fun. Anyway, it went on like that for a good six months. Eventually, however, I discovered something. Triumph services. My mom, who, no matter how much I complain, really cares about me, showed me.

Triumph…it was what I needed. Horizon as well. Both of them…they’re INCREDIBLE for Autistic people. Horizon is a bit more…extensive, but if you need a bit more help learning how to budget, and live on your own…Horizon is IT. It’s pretty much an assisted living/tutoring center, which is GREAT for some people.

As for me, I’d already been to college, so what I needed, was a leg up. Just someone to be there when I fall, make sure I’m not messing up, help me have faith in myself, and help teach me what I didn’t know.

George, and Triumph, did that EASY. I mean, perfectly. I had to move to Birmingham, and be alone…but I had someoen to CARE for me. So I didn’t feel alone. George came every week, and I always had him to talk to.

And, thanks to Triumph, I was able to get a job!  I was able to live on my own, and I was able to get a job. I had my own money, I had my own place to live, and I was adult-ing. All I had to do, was work on prospering, and advancing.

And, well…I’ll explain more about how to Adult next time. See you guys soon!

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