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Daniel Strong

3 facts about Daniel:

  1. Strong Man. That’s my nickname around Triumph. You might not know that I have Prader Willi syndrome. It’s a very rare disorder but I don’t let that define me. I participated in a study for people with Prader Willi. I know my participation in that study helped further research for Prader Willi.
  2. Patient. I trained my dog, Rex Abraham Junior Strong. He’s a German Shepard. It takes a lot of patience to train a puppy.
  3. Super Fan. Not surprisingly, I am a huge Auburn fan. My family has been going to games together for years!

raven-bib and tucker

3 facts about Raven:

  1. Music. Ashanti is my favorite favorite artist. I could listen to her all day.
  2. Dance. Dance. Dance. I love to dance. Doesn’t matter what type of music-I’ll be dancing to it.
  3. Fun. I enjoy riding on my scooter and love sewing. This picture is me sewing at Bib & Tucker Sew-Op. 

ellen-blog post

3 facts about Ellen:

  1. Piano Player. I have been playing the piano for four years. I work closely with my music coach and I perform at a recital every quarter.
  2. Avid Reader. I love spending my summer at the library. I am doing a summer reading challenge right now where I read three books each week. I love it!
  3. Dedicated Employee. I work at Tre Luna Catering and I wear many hats. I help out with deliveries, customer service, and party planning prep.


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