Meet Mychal: Advocate, Artist, and Your Right-Hand Man

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mychal 3Advocate: My name is Mychal and I am a self-advocate for Triumph Services. How am I a self advocate? I am a member of Triumph’s advocacy group called TAG. I started with Triumph in 2011 back when I was still in high school. Throughout the years I have become more and more independent. My mission is to teach people about what autism really is. In March 2016 I went to Montgomery with Triumph and advocated for Autism Legislative Day. My goal in Montgomery was to represent autism in every way possible. senator coleman







Artist: My talent is art. I love to paint. I was in Triumph’s Art Show in May and I was the featured artist in Studio by the Track’s big event, Art from the Heart. Being a featured artist meant that my work was in the live auction. That was a historic moment for me.

mychal blog 2My featured piece was called, “Ashelyn”. It was based on one of my friends. I invited Ashelyn to the event with me.  mychal blog 1






When I get ready to create, I take my camera and take photos of buildings, abstracts in the world, and people. My friends make the best models. I think my art is improving with each year.

Your Right-Hand Man: Many of my friends work at the same restaurant in my neighborhood. You might not know that I help my friends get to work. Call me an “Uber Drive for my Friends”. When me and my friends get together, it is like family. Speaking of family, I drive to Fairfield each week to help my grandma go to the store. On Saturday’s I do maintenance work at my grandad’s church.

Last Thoughts: I believe in myself. I know that I can do what is thought to be impossible for someone like me. Like being a featured artist, advocating for legislation, and aiding my friends and family. It is all about putting my best foot forward and being a genuine, kind person. Believe in yourself and go for it.

-Mychal, Triumph Participant

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