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Olivia here… on the blog!! I serve as a Job Coach at Triumph Services. This past month I hit my one-year anniversary at Triumph and there is so much to reflect on over my first year. I remember the first time I met Lauren Quinn, Triumph’s Marketing and Communications Specialist, at a job fair at my alma mater, Samford University. I fell in love with the holistic approach of Triumph’s organization and their mission of advancing individuals with disabilities in all aspects of life. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Education and was so thankful for the opportunity to join a group of passionate employees at Triumph. They really are world changers. 

So what does a day in the life of a job coach look like, you may be asking? That’s okay, I had many questions myself 😊 It is such a unique job and the truth is, no day is the same. Some days look like office days, where I am completing Milestone/Career Services reports, documenting monthly notes and sending them off to vocational specialists at Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Most days, I am out of the office and providing on-site job coaching, meeting managers of all different industries, and spreading the word about inclusive competitive employment. I must say, my favorite part of the job is on-site coaching. There is nothing like walking in with a participant to their first shift at a new job and partnering with them to ensure success in their job tasks. I truly prefer being out of the office with participants as opposed to the paperwork that follows…but, what makes it enjoyable is being able to report on the accomplishments of such capable individuals as they become successful and independent employees. 

As a job coach, I want individuals and their families to know that there is nothing they have to prove to me. Come as you are, lets overcome barriers and obstacles together and highlight your strengths. It is truly MY honor to watch individuals with developmental disabilities set their own goals and reach them with the support of Triumph Services.

Olivia Cole Dickey, Employment Specialist


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