“Mental Health Awareness Month is ending, but the work continues”

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At Triumph Services, we’re always focused on mental health.  But the month of May allowed us an opportunity to focus more on the awareness the general public has about mental health.  Articles were written and published, speeches were given, parades and awareness campaigns were held.  Hashtags like #BreaktheStigma, #MHM2018, #MentalHealthMonth, and #GetHelp were on social media and helped bring mental health and mental disabilities to the forefront of pop culture.

The month of May is now over, but our work, and our focus, continues on. An article published in Alabama Today said it best: “Mental Health Awareness Month is ending, but the work continues“.  While the public’s focus may have shifted, the focus of Triumph Services and organizations like the Department of Mental Health, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the Crisis Center remains the same. We are committed to providing resources to individuals with developmental disabilities to help them achieve independence in their homes, in their jobs, and in their social lives.

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