Why Partner with a Life Coach?

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Have you ever considered partnering with a Life Coach? Are there goals in your life that you want to achieve but are having difficulty achieving on your own?

In this article by Jen Smith https://www.huffingtonpost.com/jen-smith/the-benefits-of-hiring-a_b_10022676.html, she clearly outlines what benefits can be achieved by partnering with a life coach.

• Clarity
• Accountability
• Unbiased Input
• Focusing on You
• Personal Development

And true to Jen Smith’s article, a Triumph Life Coach can help participants grow independent living skills. Life Coaches partner with participants, keeping them accountable to themselves by setting and achieving their own personal independent living goals. A Life Coach is there to counsel, encourage, and support participants in their journey to independence. Triumph Life Coaching services are fully-customizable and tailored to each individual. Goals are tracked, progress reviewed, and outcomes celebrated!

Triumph Life Coaching empowers participants both personally and professionally. Life Coaching includes (but is not limited to):

• Home Management
• Organization Skills
• Money Management / Budgeting
• Medical and Medication Compliance
• Socialization Skills
• Assertiveness
• Time Management
• Personal Hygeine

So what are you waiting for? Fill-out our Life Coaching form and someone will contact you to set up an interview to discuss more in-depth, your personal reasons for independence and how Triumph can help you achieve independence.

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