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Walt Disney famously said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Do you dream of finding work with an employer that understands your needs? Do you wish to find an employer who is willing to work with you on becoming the best person and employee that you can be? Triumph Services offers Job Coaching services to those in the autism and developmental disability communities.

As we continue our discussion of Triumph’s holistic approach to an individual’s life, finding employment and a career path are for many people, key to maintaining balance and routine for a more healthy and holistic life. At Triumph, we work hard to help people achieve this goal.

We have previously discussed our Transition and Life Coaching Services on our blog. This week we will explore Triumph’s WORK program.

Triumph’s WORK program boasts an 83% employment rate and a 94% job retention rate. We are currently supporting over 350 individuals in the Birmingham and Montgomery metro areas who are either looking for work or are currently working.

Triumph has established relationships with more than 180 employers (and growing) in the Birmingham and Montgomery metro areas that employ individuals with developmental disabilities. These companies are willing to work with and are dedicated to highlighting an individual’s skills and making them an asset to their company.

A Triumph Employment Specialist will work one-on-one with you UNTIL you FIND a job. A Triumph Employment Specialist will:

Robert working at MECO in Montgomery

  • Set up an initial meeting with you to discuss your previous work experience and determine what your strengths and stressors may be
  • Help you develop and refine your resume
  • Practice your interview and professional communication skills
  • Go with you to meet with potential employers
  • Provide individualized support until both you and your employer are confident with the job
  • Provide support in learning job skills, developing relationships, and problem-solving
  • Will continue to serve as a trusted partner between you and the employer to ensure continued success

Mike Wilson, owner of Mr. Kleanze, a professional cleaning service in Alabama and Florida (a longtime supporter and employment partner) says, “Hiring individuals with autism has completely transformed our business and our lives. The individuals we have hired through Triumph are honest, reliable, and loyal to the job. They don’t take shortcuts and ensure we are providing our best work. This decision has been a win, win, win: a win for our business, a win for our customers, and a win to the individual”.

To learn more about Triumph’s WORK program and to schedule an appointment with our Employment Team, click on the button below.

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