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Five years ago, a coffee meeting between Birmingham Barons’ CFO Randy Prince, and Brooke Bowles, Executive Director at Triumph Services, would become the impetus for a ‘something that could never be’ to become a ‘once-a-year celebration.’

baseball game

Triumph participants enjoying a day of baseball.

This year, we celebrate the fifth annual Autism Friendly Barons Game on April 29th at Region’s Field. Individuals and parents who thought it would be impossible for their family to go to a baseball game now have that chance. April 29th’s game will include amenities for families affected by autism including: reduced volume and noise, a user’s guide to the game called a “social story”, a map of the field locating “safe zones” where individuals and families can go when in need of a quiet space, and a designated area for mascots where individuals can approach mascots if they desire. The social story is available on the AFBG’s website and hard copies will be handed out on game day.

There are a limited number of free tickets for autism families; please limit tickets to immediate family. Tickets are $5 after free tickets are sold out. For tickets and more information please visit or contact Lauren Reid at April 29th’s Autism Friendly Barons Game begins at 3:00 p.m. and gates open at 2:00 p.m.

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